New Genernation Scan tool-Launch X431 PAD

X-431 PAD is LAUNCH new generation diagnostic solutions based automotive systems tablet-style diagnostic scanners; Windows Embedded Standard7 operating system; built-in printer, pluggable DBScar connector; wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) , VGA / HDMI projector, a key upgrade extended Support: oscilloscope, engine ignition analysis, sensor test, multimeter, battery testing, automotive endoscopic color touch screen, easy operation.
x431-padX431 PAD supports many languages, like​​ English, Portuguese, French, Spanish.
How to register X431 PAD?
Customers need to register a CC number, landed on in the CC number. and then register the product and then can download the software. CC number, in fact, is a chat tool number. CC is developed to facilitate the expedition LAUNCH users a platform to communicate, you can add friends on this platform, you can also delete friends.
X431 PAD delivery time also need to record the serial number, you need to open authorization. X431 PAD is also a year of free upgrades online.

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